Videl has three chapter and a bonus chapter in her story.

 Chapter 1: 25th World Martial Arts Tournament Edit

Mission 1: Criminals in Satan City

Objective: Defeat all 100 criminals

Player: Player only.

Mission 2; Toh Toh Rage!

Objective: Defeat Toh Toh with Saiyaman

Players: Videl and Gohan only.

Mission 3; Training with Gohan

Objective: Defeat Goten

Player: Player only.

Mission 4: Last Training

Objective: Defeat Gohan

Player: Player only.

Mission 5; 25th World Martial Arts Tournament

Objective: Defeat Spopovich

Player: Videl only.

Mission 6; Pure Evil

Objective: Defeat Spopovich and Yamu

Player: Videl and Satan only.

Chapter 2: Evil Buu Saga Edit

Mission 1; King of the Underworld

Objective; Defeat Debura and Pui Pui

Player: Videl, Gohan and Hercule

Mission 2; Majin Buu

Objective; Defeat Majin Buu

Player: Videl, Gohan and Hercule

Mission 3; Evil Buu

Objective: Defeat Evil Buu

Player: Videl, Gohan and Hercule

Mission 4; Gotanks and Piccolo are Absorb?

Objective: Defeat Buu (Gotanks Absorb)

Player: Videl, Hercule and Ultimate Gohan

Mission 5; My Boyfriend!

Objective: Defeat Evil Buu (Gohan Absorb)

Player: Videl and Hercule

Mission 6; True Form

Objective: Defeat Kid Buu

Player; Videl and Hercule

Mission 7; Final Battle

Objective: Defeat Kid Buu

Player: Videl only.

only you and Hercule

Chapter 3: Great Saiyaman Edit

Mission 1; The Return of Frieza

Objective: Defeat Frieza (final form), Frieza Soldier, Appule, Raspberry then defeat Zarbon and Dodoria

Mission 2; Broly Second Return

Objective: Defeat Broly (Legendary Super Saiyan)

Player: Videl, Gohan, Goten and Trunks.

Mission 3; Broly Rage!

Objective: Defeat Broly (Legendary Super Saiyan)

Player: Videl and Gohan then after 5 minutes Goten and Trunks will showed up.

Mission 4; The Baby

Objective: Defeat Baby and Great Ape Form

Player: Videl and Gohan

Mission 5; King of Destruction

Objective: Defeat Super Janemba

Player: Videl and Gohan

Mission 6; The Evil Shadow Dragon

Objective: Defeat Syn Shenron

Player: Videl and Gohan

Mission 7; Battle of Gods

Objective: Defeat Beerus

Player: Videl only

Chapter Bonus Edit

Mission 1: Cell Game

Objective: Defeat Perfect Cell

Player: Only Videl

Mission 2; Battle of Gods 2

Objective: Defeat God Beerus and Whis

Player: Gohan

Mission 3; Resurrection F

Objective: Defeat God Gold Frieza and Raspberry, Appule, Zarbon, Dodoria, Cui, Navel, Guprei, Monrei, Nabana, Orlen, Ramon, Robery, then Defeat Ultimate Frieza God, Raspberry and Appule

Mission 4; Ultimate Battle of Z

Objective: Defeat Goku, Gotanks, Vegeta and Trunks (full power), Broly, Syn Shenron, Super Janemba, Evil Buu, Beerus, Whis, Frieza, Cooler and Cell.

Player: Videl, Gohan, Pan and Hercule