Panbukin base by rexobias-d416e44t

Shugesh (パンブーキン, Panbūkin) is a Saiyan warrior within the Saiyan Army and one of the members of Bardock's team, along with Borgos, Fasha and Tora. His Japanese name is a pun on "pumpkin," well fitting his overweight physique.

Power Level Edit

Power Level: 245

Max Power Level: 745

Health: 1500

Energy: 50

Speed: 10

Stamina: 30

Health: 50

Melee: 40

Ki Blast: 30

Defense: 35

Power Level (Great Ape Form) Edit

Monkey ape

Power Level: 490

Max Power Level: 790

Health: 1500

Energy: 110

Speed: 10

Stamina: 55

Health: 50

Melee: 105

Ki Blast: 60

Defense: 100