Onio (オニオ) is a comic character poking fun at the previous image of Saiyans as cool, good-looking people. He will appear in the new Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle of Z video game in the future.

Power Level Edit

Power Level: its over 9,000

Health: 2000

Type Edit

Melee-Type & Interfere-Type

Stats Edit

Energy: 5000

Speed: 5000

Stamina: 5000

Health: 5000

Melee: 20000

Ki Blast: 5000

Defense: 2000

Power Level (Super Saiyan Form) Edit

Onion SSJ

Power Level: 2700000

Health: 15000

Type Edit


Stats Edit

Energy: 10

Speed: 1000000

Stamina: 1500

Health: 15000

Melee: 30000

Ki Blast: 15000

Defense: 9000