Human Extinction Attack/Genocide Blast/Assault Rain (人類絶滅攻撃)[2][3] is an energy wave barrage used by Super Buu, Kid Buu and Frieza Soldier.

Overview Edit

Super Buu and Frieza Soldier raises his hand up in the air and charges a pink aura around his body. Then, he fires a massive barrage of pink energy (Buu)/blue energy (Frieza Soldier) ( waves up into the air to rain down on the opponent, inflicting a large amount of damage.

Super Buu uses this move as his Ultimate Skill. This move deals 2000 to 2200 of damage to each opponent. It's One of the most effective Ultimate Skill in the game.

Frieza Soldier has this move in his Special Skill. It deals 1000 to 1200 of damage. It's One of the most effective special move in the game.