Cui (キュイ, Kyui; lit. "Kiwi") is an alien character and villain in the Dragon Ball manga and Dragon Ball Z anime; he also briefly appeared in Dragon Ball GT. He is an elite soldier who serves under Frieza in the Galactic Frieza Army. His name in Japanese is an alternate spelling of the kiwi fruit.

Power Level Edit

Power level; 275

HP: 5300

Energy; 35

Speed: 45

Stamina: 35

HP: 30

Melee Attack: 25

Ki Blast; 80

Defense: 25

Supers, Specials and Ultimate Techniques Edit

Super (Up); Full Power Energy Wave - This is Cui's most dangerous and largest energy wave, combining all of his energy into one wave.

Super (Down); Full Power Energy Ball - Cui Charged similar to the Kamehameha, then fires one Full Power Energy Balls from both hands.

Super (Right); Bomb Strike - Cui charges at the enemy when flying and crashes into the opponent.

Alternative Super Move (Right) - Meteor Crash -

Super (Left); Finger Beam - He extends one arm and fires a small, bullet-like beam of kifrom his index finger. It is able to be fired very quickly while maintaining precise aim.

Special Move; Full Power Energy Barrage Wave - This is Cui's fastest attack (this is meaning a lot, considering that Cui's fighting characteristics contain many speed attacks), an attack which is performed this amazingly fast, that it is almost impossible to dodge or for certain to block, for someone under the power level of 20,000, Cui charges energy blasts with his full power in both of his hands and then launches them in a wave of approximately 30 blasts (15 from both hands) on his target.

Ultimate Move; Ah! Lord Frieza! - Before performing the Flash Beam, Cui tricks the opponent into looking away, normally by saying that Frieza is right behind them (even when Frieza is his opponent).

Supportive Techniques Edit

Skill (Up); Quick Sleep

Skill (Down); Super Back Jump

Skill (Right); False Courage

Skill (Left); Full Power Charge

Special; Explosive Wave